Caltron is proud to represent the manufacturers listed below and on the attached Line Card document. Through Caltron, those manufacturers ensure deep key  and lasting relationships with our mutual customers and delivery of full service from leads to quotes, to orders, to expedites, to logistics. Our technically trained sales and support team is ready to help with any questions…Just ask!

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AEM (American Electronic Materials) is a leading developer and manufacturer of SMD components for circuit protection applications offering high performance, reliable and cost-effective chip fuse components. AEM's A&D division provides advanced, high-reliability fuses, ferrite chip beads, and tin whisker mitigation products for satellite, defense, and aerospace applications.

Sense, Regulate and Drive with HALL EFFECT SENSORS, CURRENT SENSORS, POWER MANAGEMENT, BLDC Motor Drivers for Industrial & HEV/EV Automotive.
XtremeSense TMR technology to provide superior magnetic sensing performance for use in many applications and enables high magnetic sensitivity, stable performance over temperature, low noise and low power consumption.

TACT, Power, Push, Slide and Rotary Switches. Potentiometers and Rotary Encoders. RF TV tuners. CF/SD/MMC/Memory Card Connectors. Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Modules, MEMS, Sensors, Inductors

SlimPort (MyDP) Transmitters and Receivers, SlimPort and Display Conversion Adapters, Display Translators (eDP, LVDS), LCD Timing Controllers (T-Con)

Surface mount small signal and Schottky Diodes, Zeners, Rectifiers, Bridges, Transistors, SCR's, TRIAC's, and JFET's. Picomini and Ultramini SO-563 device family. Screened H & K Bare Die for Mil/Aero applications

DC/DC converters and open frame/desktop/wall wart AC/DC power supplies.

Wire and custom cable assemblies, overmold capabilities, and power cords.

EPC Space makes Rad-Hard GaN FETs for space applications. GaN FETs are 10x smaller and 30~40x faster than Si MOSFETs.

Solenoids, disconnect relays, Parlex FFC lam cables, switches, and DC motors. Ledex, SAIA-Burgess and Parlex, all part of the JE family.

SMD and leaded crystals, oscillators and monolithic crystal filters. Ultra- Miniature and low-profile packages. SPXO, VCXO,TCXO, VCTCXO,

LXD Research & Display designs and manufactures liquid crystal displays. Specializing in high reliability displays for hazardous environments, LXD products include: glass displays, modules displays, TFTs, OLEDs, and sunlight readable displays. Product lines include TN, STN, HTN, FSTN, CSTN, TFT and LCM.

Microelectronic Components offering Trusted system-in-package solutions, high-density memory and secure SSDs optimized for the edge in Military & Aerospace applications.

Surface mount and through-hole capacitors. Aluminum electrolytic, Aluminum polymer, Hybrid Polymer, DC Link, film capacitors and diode.
ICEL Box-type Film Capacitors used for DC-Link, Snubber, Motor Run & AC Filters.

VPT Power is a leading provider of Hi-Rel power conversion solutions for avionics, military and aerospace, including DC-DC converters and EMI filters.